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Discover Puck’s complete guide to Ramadan, with easy recipes for apps, main dishes, salads, soups and desserts. We also include simple tips for adding your own special touch, so you can focus on creating a joyous Ramadan experience for your whole family. Because you make Ramadan special.

Cooking Creativity Awaits

We present a comprehensive Ramadan recipe guide with a variety of dishes and tips that will ease your mind and make cooking quick and simple. Get creative in the kitchen, team up with your family, and make joyous memories that will live on in your hearts.
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Ways to Repurpose Leftovers: recipes and ideas that are both simple and creative.
4 popular Ramadan Salads
5 Delicious Ramadan Appetizers for Iftar
5 inspirational recipes for Suhoor
Top 7 traditional desserts for Ramadan
7 quick and easy Suhoor ideas for Ramadan
7 soups for Ramadan you can make in under 1 hour
Top 7 easy to prepare Iftar recipes for Ramadan
Ramadan Iftar
Ramadan desserts
Ramadan Salads
Ramadan Suhoor
Ramadan Soups
Iftar Recipes

Brilliant Ramadan Iftar

Keep Puck by your side as you craft joyous Iftar memories. Check out our range of delicious recipes—from international dishes, to Arabic classics, to new ideas that you can put your own spin on—whatever you choose will make for a stellar meal.
Make Iftar special!
Dessert Recipes

Desserts that Elevate Ramadan Joy

The perfect sweet treat makes a good meal great. Check out our dessert recipes, international and Arabic, that are made for special Ramadan moments. One or two might become a new family tradition.
Indulge in mouthwatering Ramadan desserts!
Suhoor Recipes

Suhoor Straight from the Heart

You cook from the heart to create those special family feelings that fill the Suhoor table. Serve your loved ones simple, delicious food that will keep them going strong through a day of fasting. Our Suhoor recipes range from popular classics to new inventions.
Create a complete Suhoor for your whole family!
Ramadan Soups

Heartwarming Soups

Put your signature touch on Iftar with heartwarming soups. From richly flavored stewed lentils and cream-based broths to light refreshing veggie stocks, explore all our easy soup recipes that are ideal for Iftar.
Ease your family into Iftar with a comforting soup!
Salad Recipes

Salads to Brighten your Iftar Table

These fresh salads are bursting with colors and flavors. Whether it’s classic Arugula, with its refreshing veggies, crispy walnuts, and sumac, or our own take on Caesar with feta cheese and chicken, check out Arab and international salad recipes that will beautify your Iftar spread.
Liven up your Iftar table with refreshing Salads!

Ramadan Frequently asked questions

Explore some of the most frequently asked questions about Ramadan.

When is Ramadan?

In 2024, Ramadan is expected to start on either the 11th or 12th of March. The first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan is determined by the Islamic lunar calendar, which begins with the sighting of the crescent moon. On the evening of Sunday March 10, Saudi Arabia and other countries with a Muslim-majority population will rely on the testimonies of the moon sighters who will be looking for the Ramadan crescent moon. If seen, the holy month will begin on Monday, March 11. If not, then Ramadan will begin on Tuesday, March 12.

Ramadan occurs in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Because this calendar is tied to the phases of the moon, the Holy Month changes yearly, moving back about 10 to 11 days. The day Ramadan starts depends on both the lunar calendar and the actual sighting of the crescent moon in a given country, which means that different countries can have varying starting days, but these usually differ only by one day.

No matter when it starts, Ramadan becomes a special time full of family gatherings, iftar feasts, and hearty Suhoor meals. These meals bring family members together to make lasting mealtime memories, and moms are often the ones coming up with their own creative ways to lovingly prepare and serve delicious Ramadan dishes in their own special ways.

What do people eat for Iftar in Ramadan?

Iftar is the meal you have at sunset to break a day-long fast, and it becomes a nightly celebration with family and friends. From the first bite of Iftar to the last sweet treat, moms are the ones dreaming up the feast that brings everyone together to take part in mealtime joy. There are different traditions and customs for breaking a fast. Some families break their fast by eating three dates, some start with water, while others begin with a bowl of soup to ease into the meal slowly before enjoying a festive lineup of mouthwatering, mom-crafted dishes. This meal is a vibrant celebration of flavors. It can start with traditional appetizers such as Sambosa and Kebbeh (every mother will have her own special way of making these classics). Appetizers are often followed by rich, savory, and lovingly made dishes such as Muttabaq, Ouzi, and Fatteh. After Iftar, sweet desserts such as Kunafa, Basbousa, and Qatayef, are often enjoyed, each infused with mom's special touch that adds warmth and affection to every bite. Moms’ personal touch transforms these meals into unforgettable Ramadan moments, making each dish uniquely special.

What do people eat for Suhoor in Ramadan?

Before sunrise, you prepare the body for a new day of Ramadan fasting by eating Suhoor, and each mom has her own strategies for creating sustaining morning meals for her family. Often, Suhoor consists of quick, easy, light dishes but can vary widely across cultures and households, showcasing the diverse culinary traditions of this Holy Month. While some families prefer simple, light dishes like eggs, labneh, and shakshuka, others indulge in spreads that might include dates, whole grains, fruits, and nuts, ensuring a slow release of energy throughout the day. Keeping your family hydrated is also a key focus during Suhoor. Ensure your family drinks plenty of liquids, such as water, milk, or herbal teas to minimize their thirst during the fasting hours. You can find some Suhoor recipes and strategies for getting the morning meal ready with our 7 quick and easy Suhoor ideas for Ramadan. However you decide to prepare for the fast ahead, know that moms are the ones who make this pre-dawn meal special in their own unique ways.