There’s more to your lunchbox!

Leave your kids with a little reminder of you, every time you drop them off to school.

Express your love through a nutritious lunchbox filled with delicious and fun surprises!

Learn with Puck how to pack wholesome, joyful and fulfilling lunchboxes for your kids.

Your guide to mastering the art of lunchbox preparation

A wholesome and yummy lunchbox is key to a balanced lifestyle for your kids! One box can give them all the needed nutrition to stay focused and energized throughout the school day. Learn everything you need to know about lunchboxes, starting from how to choose the best lunchbox for your kids, the important nutritional elements to put inside of it, to the final touches that make all the difference!
5 Innovative Lunchbox Ideas to Keep Your Kids Healthy
As a mother, you are always looking to provide your kids with the right nutrition during their school day to ensure they grow up healthy, strong, and active. Here are inspirational recipes to help you prepare a nutritious lunchbox filled with fun ideas.
Your Kid’s School Lunch Box: 5 foods to include and 5 to exclude!
Confusion when preparing lunchboxes and buying ingredients is quite normal. Your goal, as a mother, is to make sure you provide your kids with the necessary nutrition. Here is a guide of the essential ingredients and foods needed to prepare a nutritious and fulfilling lunchbox.
How to choose the right lunchbox for stress-free, spill-free meals!
Have you ever wondered what makes a lunchbox the right one for you and your kids? With all the choices available, selecting a lunchbox that makes your meals more fun, safe, and easy to pack has become challenging. Here are some tips on the different factors to consider when choosing the right lunchbox.
5 tips to make lunchbox more enjoyable for your kids!
The struggle to get children to eat proper, nutritious meals is real! And this is even more so while kids are away at school. Parents often worry about what they are eating and if they will finish the food or not. The most important question remains: “How to make lunchbox more enjoyable for your kids?”. Here are some tips for you to make your lunchbox a complete success.