Shine Your Way

Over 40 years ago, Puck launched with you in mind. We grew up side by side, and we’ve been through so much together. We navigated the changes happening all around us and became the kindred spirits that we are today.

Your interests are our interests…
Your aspirations are our aspirations…
We’ve become your perfect partner.

We watched society change while ideas about motherhood continued to evolve. We acknowledged these societal shifts and adapted to them with open minds and hearts.

Together, we continued to shine bright, even in the face of unrealistic expectations and social pressures. And we’ve been with you every step of the way, to remind you that showing your children love in your own special way is what makes you the best mom ever.

Your love makes it special

We made it our mission to support all moms in their unique journeys through motherhood—and that meant making sure that you would be fully stocked with high-quality dairy products from our creameries around the Arabian Gulf.

We got the day started with creamy, delicious flavors.
For lunch, we’ve prepped meals that put smiles on everyone’s faces.
And we’ve finished our day with a rich and flavorful family dinner.
At celebrations, we’ve created precious, unforgettable family moments.

We’ve done this together so that you can be reassured of everything you give your family—because actions from the heart make all the difference, and even the simplest motherly touch makes it special.

You make it special