Breakfast made better!

Sweeten your breakfast with the new Puck Creamy Spreads available in 3 flavors, chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla, with 30% less sugar*, no palm oil, no artificial flavors, and no nuts.

*Compared to similar sweet spreads.
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Your tips make a top chef!

Join the excitement with Everyday Chef & Top Chef in the kitchen, and watch the moms’ tips help chefs prepare the winning dish.
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Make mornings good with our breakfast recipes

A delicious and nutritious breakfast is the perfect way to start the day
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Our most popular breakfast recipes

Discover our breakfast recipes and start the day right!
Make magic with our bechamel sauce!

Make magic with our bechamel sauce!

With Puck bechamel sauce in your kitchen, you are all set to cook delicious white sauce pasta recipes bursting with flavor. Get the water boiling, prepare your skillets and cook perfect bechamel pasta dishes- every time.
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Breakfast hacks for busy moms
Everyday Chef kitchen

Everyone can be an expert

In eight videos, professional chefs Wed and Khawla guide you through their favourite tips and tricks. Learn how to use leftover bread to create a delicious dessert, or how to save a pan of burnt rice by creating a new dish with Puck Cooking Cream.
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There's a Top Chef in every home

Use recipes, watch How-To's, share your experience with others. Nothing can stop you from becoming a Top Chef yourself!
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Celebrating the everyday chef
Puck is here to celebrate everything that moms do, and we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and help moms create meal-time joy for the whole family!


A range of delicious choices
Puck Sauces

Puck Sauces

Fall in love with cooking again with the Ready to use Puck Sauces. Now, with an all-new packaging that enables you to re-create all your favourite dishes with ease. Enjoy the Indian flavours you love with our latest Puck Curry Sauce!
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Enrich dipping, filling, and snacking with Puck Labneh!

Our Puck Labneh which is 100% natural with a rich and creamy texture, can be enjoyed during any time of the day. Spread it on your sandwich, use it as a filling in your dishes, or even enjoy it as a dip for your snacks, its flavor will surely satisfy your taste buds. Whenever you are craving something delicious, Puck Labneh is the perfect choice for you.
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Puck creams

Amaze with Creams

Create quick and easy recipes with Puck Creams
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Breakfast hacks for busy moms
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