Cream Cheese X Zaatar

Bring mealtime joy with the classic combination of zaatar and cheese. Packed with a much-loved flavor and made with 100% milk, it’s easy to get creative with Puck Zaatar Cream Cheese.
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Proudly empowering women one jar at a time

As a brand that stands by mothers everywhere, Puck has launched the Selfless Shelves Initiative to provide Lebanese women with more opportunities, so that they can better support their families.
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Elevate your pasta game

Create joy at every meal with appetizing pasta dishes, from classic pasta with bechamel sauce to pasta with creamy tomato sauce. Expect a chorus of ‘more please!’.
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Amazingly Melty and Creamy!

Puck's shredded mozzarella cheese range is incredibly melty, creamy, and bursting with delightful flavors that the whole family will enjoy. Made from 100% milk, it brings joy to your mealtime, creating memorable family moments.
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Enjoy a more enriching breakfast!

Looking to start your morning full of energy and with a delicious taste? We bring you the new Puck Cream Cheese, made of 100% milk and enriched with Vitamin D to boost your immunity, increase your energy, support building healthy bones, and to brighten your morning with every spoonful of delicious and nutritious cream cheese.
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There’s more to your lunchbox!

Leave your kids with a little reminder of you, every time you drop them off to school.

Express your love through a nutritious lunchbox filled with delicious and fun surprises!

Learn with Puck how to pack wholesome, joyful and fulfilling lunchboxes for your kids
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Dive into our tasty recipe collections, explore different cuisines, and prepare a heartfelt meal for your loved ones!

Write the next chapter for your Puck Jar!

Every Puck jar has a special story that begins with deliciously creamy cheese. When the jar is empty, it’s your turn to write the next chapter. Reuse your Puck jar in your own unique way, inspired by your creativity.

*With support from the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment
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Puck, you make it special

Puck, you make it special

We understand the challenges of being a mom, and we know you always want the best for your family. So don’t worry, and don’t get caught up in unrealistic expectations. Because the biggest influence you can have, is to be yourself. It’s the little things you do that make all the difference. You make it special.
Shine your way!

Enrich dipping, filling, and snacks!

100% Natural with a rich and creamy texture that will satisfy your appetite any time. Spread it on your sandwich, use it as a filling in your dishes, or even enjoy it as a dip-ping in your snacks. Any time you are hungry, Puck Labneh is here for you.
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