Kunafa with Qishta

50 min.
When you combine your motherly creativity with classic desserts, you can transform well-known kunafa into a special new treat. Through these truly outstanding flavors, spread even more joy and express your loving gratitude for every moment that you get to spend with your family and loved ones. Invite our Kunafa with Qishta recipe to every special occasion or Ramadan gathering. This new guest brings crispy texture and velvety, rich Puck Cream to your family celebration. With gifts of pistachios, rose petals, and orange blossom water to add to your Ramadan festivities, this dish will add the unmistakable flavor of kunafa to your next Ramadan event.


8 portions

Simple Syrup:

Cream Filling:




Adding sugar to the kunafa will give it a beautiful color when baked without requiring the use of food coloring.

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