Turn your ideas into creations!

Discover a world of endless inspiration, transforming your Puck jar into a home decor masterpiece, a planter for herbs and houseplants or a candle holder to fill the air with fragrance. Harness your artistic talents to craft a container for photographs and tickets, or turn your jar into an organizer for kitchen utensils or office supplies.

Your empty Puck jar is full of potential. A world of inspiration awaits, with new ideas for repurposing used jars. Begin writing the next chapter of your story with Puck now.

*With support from the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment

Time to transform your Puck cheese jar!

When it comes to style with function, the ideas for reusing a Puck jar are endless. Delight your family and decorate your home with your creations to make every corner shine!
Candle Holder
Beautify your living space by transforming your empty jars into household decorations. From scented candle holders to photo caches, explore ideas for adorning your home with Puck.
Are you a plant lover? Fill your home with planters made from re-purposed Puck jars. In just a few simple steps, you'll soon be growing your own aromatic herbs and decorative indoor plants.
Kitchen Containers
It’s time to get creative! Have fun transforming your Puck jar into signature showpieces for storing cutlery, utensils, grains, spices and more. Let your imagination lead the way as you design new items for your culinary kingdom.
Salad prep jars
Whip up a light meal in moments. All you have to do is layer fresh vegetables and ingredients into an empty Puck jar. And there you have it! A refreshing, tasty meal with infinite variations.
Arts and crafts
Give free reign to your inner artist and turn your Puck jar into a vase or snow globe. Is your kitchen cluttered? Re-purpose empty jars as storage containers for condiments and pantry goods.
Promo Packs

Grab your special edition labels in-store now!

Collect our limited edition Puck cream cheese promo-packs which feature special labels designed to help you write the next chapter of your story with Puck. You can also download the PDF file to print the stickers on your own. Enjoy using these bonus stickers while transforming your idea’s into creations.
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Discover endless possibilities with Puck

Spark your creativity by browsing an array of original ideas curated by our community of content creators. When you hold an empty Puck jar, endless possibilities for creative masterpieces are right within your grasp. Visit the campaign's TikTok page for ideas. And while you’re there, share your own innovative designs to inspire other moms and the entire creative community.
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Your Puck Cheese Jar: Write the next chapter

Enjoy our diverse collection of rich and tasty Puck cheese products. When the jar is empty, only you can finish the story. So unleash your imagination. It’s time to write the next chapter with Puck.
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Driving Change Together: MOCCAE and Puck Encouraging Creativity and Upcycling

“We are striving towards circularity by intensifying upcycling and recycling efforts“

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