The most delicious soups to start Iftar

Soups are the perfect way to express cozy, heartwarming feelings during Ramadan and they're an easy way to bring bowls full of joy to your family! These warm and comforting dishes are great to eat when breaking the fast at sundown for Iftar. They make for a light meal that will not overwhelm you and your loved ones after many hours of fasting. The best Ramadan soups are flavorful, have vibrant colors, and are simple to make. As they are easy to experiment with, they make varying your meals during this special time fun and uncomplicated. Try your own spin on some of our classic soup recipes to pamper your family with cozy soups. Better yet, involve them in some of the simple preparation steps to create more fun family memories together in the kitchen!

Quick and easy Ramadan soups

Making delicious, comforting, and beautiful Ramadan soups can be quick and fuss-free. Many of our Iftar soup recipes can be prepared in a short time. Choosing delicious and quick meals for Ramadan allows you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family. Get even more of that precious family time by showing your kids how to safely prepare and measure some of the ingredients for our simple soups.

Smooth and creamy vegetable soups

One of the greatest things about Ramadan soups is that they can be made with a wealth of different ingredients that will give them delicious flavor profiles and vibrant colors. As such, if you or your kids have a favorite vegetable, you can most likely turn it into a beautiful, smooth soup that your whole family can enjoy. This allows for minimal effort and maximal creativity! Try out our many vegetable soup recipes throughout the Holy Month to discover the best soup for Iftar based on what you and your family love. No matter what you choose to cook, you make it special.

Hearty seafood soups

An easy Ramadan soup with seafood is sure to satisfy busy moms looking to serve a delicious meal in a creative way. Fish can be the perfect soup base; with its tender texture and delicate flavor, you are sure to find the perfect fish to be the foundation for your savory, creative soup ideas. Fish pairs nicely with all kinds of vegetables as well as spices. Make your favorite fish the star of your dish or add it to another wonderful Ramadan soup recipe for added texture and a special seaside touch, making your simple meal feel elevated and sustaining for the whole family.

Questions about Ramadan soups

Though soups are delicious all year round, they are perfect for the Holy Month. To learn more about Ramadan soups, read our answers to the most frequently asked questions about them below.

What are traditional Ramadan soups?

Lentil soup is a classic Arabic soup for Ramadan that moms have been creating and reinventing through their creativity for ages. This rich soup is traditionally served at Iftar to help you and your loved ones break the fast in a gentle and comforting way.

Other great soup recipes for Ramadan include chicken soup, seafood soup, and vegetable soup, which may be prepared with just about any type of vegetable you can think of. The fact that soup can vary so much allows you plenty of opportunity to make traditional ones or experiment with different ingredients, spices, and toppings during this special time. Any soup is a great opportunity to cook from the heart and express your love through classic and new dishes alike.

What can I do with leftover soup?

It’s no secret that moms are often working to serve up lovingly cooked meals for the whole month of Ramadan. To make things easy for yourself you can prepare big batches of soup or freeze some of it so you have soup for several meals, days, or even weeks during Ramadan. This way you can spend less time cooking and more time with the people who matter most.

Another way to make the most of your time is to set aside a day to prepare big batches of soup with the whole family, making them feel involved in the cooking process while you create delicious meals and fun family memories together. The leftover soup stored in the freezer may, of course, also be enjoyed after Ramadan has ended.

What Ramadan soups are good for breaking fast?

Serving lovingly prepared Ramadan soups is an ideal way to help you and your loved ones gently ease back into eating as you break your fast together. As the dish is hot, the soup will warm you and your family’s stomachs after fasting. The heat from the soup also helps slow some of your more excited family members down as they start their meal (we know it can be hard for some of your family members to contain themselves around all the delicious food you make).

In general, Ramadan soups are a great choice for breaking fast at Iftar because they are rich in taste and pair nicely with a lot of different dishes, allowing you to make your own unique combos that express your love and creativity.

What to serve with soup for Ramadan?

Ramadan soups can inspire inventive dish combinations and allow you to create lots of lovely meal lineups. They may be served with a side of bread, crunchy toppings, or a delicious side salad.

Try topping your Ramadan soups with crispy, fried flatbread or crunchy croutons. These treats, which may be flavored any way you like, create a wonderful contrast to a hearty, creamy Ramadan soup. You could also balance your hearty soups with a colorful side salad full of crunchy vegetables and perhaps a rich, sweet vinaigrette with pomegranate molasses that will make the meal fresh and well-rounded.

Get some creative input from your family and inspire your kids to become young cooks who take ownership over how they prepare and eat their own meals.