The spirit of Ramadan is sweeter. Simpler. Better!

You've been waiting all year for Ramadan, so enjoy some precious time with your kids and your family. Gather around the table during Iftar and Suhoor, and finish the chores and cooking in minutes, with minimal effort.

This is your go-to site for the most delicious Ramadan recipes and time management tips to make cooking simpler, give you more free time, and allow you to get some much-deserved rest.

Maximize your leisure time and cherish more family moments during Ramadan

Ramadan moments are too precious to waste in the kitchen, away from family. Discover the smartest tips and best advice to help you organize your day and make the most of your time between Iftar, Suhoor, family gatherings, work, and all your other responsibilities.

The best Iftar with the simplest steps

From classic, traditional dishes to delectable recipes from around the world—discover Iftar recipes with the simplest steps that will delight your family and friends.
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Iftar recipes

Desserts that are sure to make Ramadan gatherings even sweeter

Are you looking for a way to make those moments after Iftar even sweeter? Discover Puck's collection of the tastiest Ramadan dessert recipes. It includes recipes from the east and west using simple ingredients and easy steps.
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Dessert recipes

Light and delectable Suhoor for an active day

Get ready for another day of fasting with a variety of quick Suhoor recipes that you can prepare with minimal effort and provide your family with ample energy throughout the day.
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Suhoor recipes

The most delicious soups to start Iftar

How do you get everyone excited at the Iftar table? Start with a richly flavored bowl of soup from Puck's various recipes.
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Soup recipes

Salads to decorate the Iftar table

Discover new salad recipes that are easy to prepare and packed with veggies to give your Iftar a tasty and refreshing touch.
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Salad recipes