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25 min.
While many probably equate a gourmet burger menu with going out to dinner, it is perfectly possible to make a beef gourmet burger at home. In our delicious take on the tasty treat, we have chosen to make flavourful burger patties with onion, garlic, fresh parsley, and lime juice. These are paired with a beautiful and tasty purple coleslaw with mustard and honey as well as beetroot relish, dijonnaise, fresh lettuce and tomato, and, of course, tasty Swiss cheese. Try these gourmet burgers for something a little different this Ramadan.


6 portions


Slaw Salad:




You need the very best meat for gourmet burgers, and the patties must be perfectly fried. To ensure they become juicy and tender, aim to cook them for about 3.5-4.5 minutes on each side. If you like them medium-well with a slightly pink centre, cooking them should take about 9 minutes total, while a medium patty requires about 7-8 minutes of frying. Fry the patties in melted butter for a bit of additional richness.

If you prefer to go by internal temperatures rather than cooking time, you can use a meat thermometer to measure the internal temperature of the patties. A medium one reaches 60-62°C when cooked, while a medium-well one has a slightly higher temperature of 65-68°C.

Questions about gourmet burgers

With an easy gourmet beef burger recipe like ours, making restaurant-worthy burgers at home is quite simple. To learn more about gourmet cheeseburgers, read our answers to the most frequently asked questions about them here.
What is a gourmet burger?

The term 'gourmet' is used to describe refined, well-balanced, aesthetically pleasing dishes made with high-quality, sometimes rare, ingredients. While gourmet beef burger recipes may, of course, be quite different from one another and call for many different types of bread, cheese, spreads, and fillings, the best gourmet burger recipe is one that showcases different wonderful ingredients and makes all of these come together to create a well-rounded meal.

How to make a gourmet burger?

Though it is termed ‘gourmet’, our gourmet Swiss cheese burger is simple to prepare! Begin by making the patties so the meat has time to soak up all the delicious flavours of onion, garlic, parsley, and lime. As it does, make the honey-mustard coleslaw so its flavours have time to infuse, too. After half an hour, cook the patties juicy and tender. Now assemble the gourmet burgers. Spread dijonnaise on the buns and fill them with vegetables, coleslaw, patties, relish, and Swiss cheese. Heat them to melt the cheese and serve the gourmet burgers with tasty side dishes.

What are good gourmet burger toppings?

Gourmet burger fillings must be of high quality. But other than that, there is ample room to experiment. We believe the best burgers are well-balanced ones with toppings that complement each other in terms of taste and texture. As such, we recommend using a mix of sweet, tangy, and sharp condiments like dijonnaise and beetroot relish as well as crispy lettuce, tender tomato, crunchy coleslaw, and a nutty, buttery Swiss cheese. Other great suggestions for a gourmet burger include pickles, homemade fried onions, relishes, and different kinds of fresh vegetables and herbs like avocado, basil, and coriander.

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Classic gourmet burger with Swiss cheese

Making a tasty gourmet burger is all about choosing great, high-quality ingredients. Soft, light, and airy with incredibly crunchy crusts, Portuguese papo seco rolls make for wonderful gourmet burger buns. To fill them, you need crispy, fresh vegetables, well-seasoned and juicy patties, a flavourful cheese, and decadent condiments like a tangy dijonnaise and a sweet and earthy beetroot relish.

Mild, nutty Emmental slices and sweet, tangy honey mustard coleslaw

Emmental cheese is known for its characteristic holes, subtle acidity, and robust savoury, buttery flavour. This makes the aromatic, nutty cheese a definite contender for best cheese for gourmet burgers. Since Emmental melts well, using this Swiss cheese on a burger adds a deliciously gooey and creamy consistency.

Since Swiss cheese burgers with gourmet burger patties are rich and savoury, they need fillings that are flavourful as well as complimentary. This makes a crunchy marinated coleslaw the perfect option. The creamy dressing with which it is tossed is made with Dijon mustard, honey, and mayonnaise. The peppery and spicy sharpness of the mustard in tandem with the sweet, fruity honey creates a well-rounded, fresh filling for your gourmet burger.

Serve a scrumptious gourmet burger and fries menu

A delicious homemade gourmet burger deserves wonderful side dishes to complete the meal. A classic combination that should not be discounted is, of course, fries. Served with simple, perfectly golden fries with a salty taste and a crispy texture, the complex flavour profile of a gourmet burger such as this one truly gets to shine. To take your gourmet burger menu to the next level, prepare homemade gourmet fries garnished with fresh thyme sprigs and Parmesan.

For a lighter side option, you can, of course, serve it with a side salad. If this sounds interesting to you, we recommend our fresh, sweet, and peppery rocca salad with pomegranate, which is perfect for iftar. And, if you want to end this magnificent gourmet burger menu with a sweet dessert, why not go for our charming mini fruit tartlets or our delectable caramel vermicelli?

Experiment with the toppings

A tasty way to mix up a homemade gourmet cheeseburger is by mixing up the condiments. Try making your own sweet, caramelised onion relish, pungent garlic-infused aioli, or spicy chilli mayonnaise. A homemade barbeque sauce with sweet, tangy, and smoky flavours also tastes great with the flavourful beef patties. Try different decadent options to find your perfect gourmet burger sauce.

Another idea is to have fun with the fresh vegetables in the gourmet beef burger. Delicate avocadoes will introduce a wonderful creamy texture and richness. They are quite mild-tasting though, so, if you would prefer to mix up our gourmet cheeseburger recipe further, you can even use fruits like fried pineapples and fresh mangos for a bright, tasty salty-sweet flavour combination.

Tasty. Yummy. Good!

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