Caramel Vermicelli

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Caramel vermicelli is the perfect dessert to enjoy after iftar with your family and guests on any occasion. This light and easy-to-prepare dessert combines the delicious taste of caramel and chocolate and is topped with a smooth, rich cream. So, if you are looking for a sweet treat that will take your taste buds on a journey of flavors and texture, try our caramel vermicelli cake recipe.


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Make sure you fry the vermicelli until they become golden. If you do not fry them long enough, they will have a raw or uncooked texture that is rather unpleasant to bite into. Likewise, if you fry them for too long, they may end up soggy and soft and lose their crispiness. The thin noodles only need a short amount of time to cook, usually just a few minutes, depending on the temperature of the pan. It is important to keep an eye on them and stir occasionally to ensure that they are cooked through and have a nice golden-brown colour.

Questions about caramel vermicelli

Our caramel vermicelli is the perfect recipe for you if you love the taste of caramel and rich, creamy flavours. This decadent caramel-flavoured dessert is equally easy and delicious, and below, you can learn more about it.
What is caramel vermicelli?

Caramel vermicelli is a sweet and delicate dessert made with thin vermicelli fried in butter. The vermicelli is layered with a caramel-flavoured mixture, biscuits, and a smooth and velvety cream made from condensed milk and cream cheese. The final layer is sprinkled with chocolate shavings. It is a simple and easy dessert loaded with sweet flavours.

How to make caramel vermicelli?

Fry vermicelli in butter until golden and spread it evenly in a deep serving dish. Bring milk, sugar, and creme caramel powder to a boil. Remove from heat, add Puck cream, stir well, and pour the mixture over the vermicelli. Let it cool completely. Dip the tea biscuits in milk, one at a time, and place them on top of the vermicelli and creme caramel mixture. Mix condensed milk and cream cheese until smooth, and then pour it over the biscuits. Let the dish chill in the fridge for 2 hours.

How to serve caramel vermicelli?

After the caramel vermicelli cake has set in the refrigerator, it is time to serve and indulge in this delicious dessert. Remove it from the refrigerator, sprinkle the top with chocolate shavings for a touch of decadence, and cut it into small squares like you would a regular cake. This dessert is best served right away, so you can enjoy the perfect balance of flavours and textures while they are at their peak. It is perfect on a dessert table for iftar, as it goes well with other sweet flavours or on its own with a cup of coffee on the side.

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Experience a taste sensation like no other with the Middle Eastern vermicelli dessert with caramel and chocolate shavings. This delicious caramel vermicelli treat combines the rich taste of caramel and chocolate, creating a harmonious balance of traditional and deeply delicious flavours in your mouth. The sweetness of the caramel is perfectly balanced by the bitter notes of the chocolate, making it a truly delectable experience. Caramel as well as thick cream, condensed milk, and cream cheese brings a decadent sweetness to the dessert, while the chocolate adds depth and complexity to the flavour profile, cutting through the richness of the caramel and cream layers with its sharp notes.

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Enjoy a slice of both gooey and crispy vermicelli caramel cake

Treat yourself to a slice of gooey and crispy vermicelli caramel cake. This delectable treat is a true celebration of flavours and texture, thanks to the combination of vermicelli, caramel, and cream. Vermicelli is a type of thin and delicate rice noodle that is commonly used in Asian and Middle Eastern desserts. Together with the biscuits, it adds a crispy texture to the cake and provides a nice contrast to the rich cream layers, making each bite a new experience with different and delightful textures and flavours melting together on your tongue.

Make it your own

Do not be afraid to play around with different flavours and toppings for your caramel vermicelli. While chocolate shavings are a classic and delicious option, you can just as easily opt for chopped nuts or dried or fresh fruit like cranberries, pears, or peaches for added flavour and texture.

To complement the rich caramel flavour, try adding a light sprinkling of cinnamon on top of the creamy vermicelli dessert for a warm and spicy aroma that will tantalise your taste buds. And for coffee lovers, why not ditch the milk and dip the biscuits in coffee instead to give the caramel vermicelli a more aromatic flavour?

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