Vegetarian pizza

1 hour
Vegetarian pizza with lots of flavour. Topped with a delicious, homemade tomato sauce, baked aubergines and olives, the ingredients are fresh and simple to prepare. Remember that good flavour development takes time, both when the dough rises and the tomato sauce simmers, making your vegetarian pizza rich in umami taste.


4 portions

Dough for pizza bases

Baked aubergines

Tomato sauce

Vegetarian pizza

To serve


  • Dough

  • Baked aubergines

  • Tomato sauce

  • Assembling the pizza

  • To serve

What vegetables go well together on pizza?

You don’t need to look further than an authentic Italian restaurant’s menu for inspiration. Pizza ortolana is an obvious choice. In its most basic form, toppings include eggplant, zucchini, fresh basil, and a light drizzle of olive oil right before serving. A ricotta, sundried tomato and baby spinach combo is also highly recommended, and fully vegetarian.

Why don't they put green olives on pizza?

While black olives are a more typical pizza topping, there is no reason to not reach for the green variety instead. Some argue that green olives – which are typically cured instead of cooked – are meant to be eaten raw and thus don’t belong on a pizza. Their ripened siblings, black olives, are not as bitter and milder in flavour, making them a less overpowering topping when it comes to pizza. Experiment with both and see which one your family prefers!

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Tomato sauce like a pro

When it comes to any tomato-based sauce, low, slow and patient is where the magic happens. A short cooking time will preserve the bright, fresh, and acidic taste of the tomatoes while a longer one will deepen the flavour and thicken the sauce for an intense umami-ness that is difficult to describe. It’s arguably the star of this recipe and brings together every other ingredient into one of the best vegetable pizzas you have ever tasted.

The secret to stunning baked aubergines

Because the average eggplant is 90 percent water, make sure that you give each slice enough room to evaporate the excess liquid and transform into a beautifully caramelised pizza topping. This fruit is also a super-absorber so go light on the oil, a light brush is plenty for the baking process.

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