Start your family’s day with an enriching breakfast!

We appreciate that you genuinely care for your family’s health, so we present the new Puck Cream Cheese to help you prepare a delicious Vitamin D enriched breakfast to boost their immunity, increase their energy, and strengthen their bones. The new Puck Cream Cheese, enriched with Vitamin D and made of 100% milk, has a creamy texture and delicious taste, giving you an appetizing breakfast and a brighter morning.
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Vitamin D Guide from Puck

All you need to know about vitamin D, its sources and benefits for you and your family.
How to get sufficient vitamin D for your body? 5 meals high in vitamin D.
Vitamin D contributes to many vital functions in the body and supports your health. We should get it in specific quantities daily, hence Puck is offering you 5 food and breakfast recipes rich in vitamin D that are delicious and easy to prepare.
7 benefits of Vitamin D for adults and kids
Vitamin D is a key nutrient for our health and growth. Doctors advise to get the recommended dose daily. Learn more about what vitamin D is and why it is necessary for us.
6 Natural Sources of Vitamin D in Food
Vitamin D is one of the nutrients that we should get daily. Its primary source is sunlight, and it's found in a few foods. Discover what foods contain vitamin D!