Lemon roulade

1 hour
An incredible sweet and sour roulade that will prove a hit with anyone who loves lemon flavours. The roulade can be frozen if you prefer to prepare it in advance.


16 portions


Lemon cream



  • Roulade

  • Lemon cream

  • Garnish

Can you freeze lemon roulade?

Freezing the roulade is a simple process, simply wrap it in baking paper, then with plastic wrap, and freeze. It should take a couple of hours to defrost at room temperature.

Can lemon roulade be made gluten free or with alternative flours?

It is definitely possible to make this recipe gluten free – simply swap the flour for a gluten free flour alternative and add a binder like xanthan gum to the cake mixture to make sure it will roll without cracking or breaking.

How do you store and serve lemon roulade for best taste and texture?

The lemon roulade can be wrapped in foil so no unwanted odours enter the sponge then stored in the refrigerator. Just make sure to remove it in advance before serving so the filling isn’t too cold to be enjoyable.

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The European origins of lemon roulade

Dessert roulades are perhaps best and most famously exemplified by the Swiss roll, which somewhat confusingly is thought to have originated in Austria, Slovenia and Central Europe, perhaps in the 1800s but possibly even earlier. Its popularity spread through Europe and eventually further afield to the US, where the local variation is known as a jelly roll.

The different, delicious variations

Though this roulade uses a lemon cream there is really no limit to what kind of filling you can choose to use: fruit jams, chocolate cream or even mascarpone work well. You can even add cacao to the dough itself to make a double chocolate variation.

Be creative and garnish your lemon roulade like this

Lemon is a versatile flavour which opens up possibilities for different garnishes. Fresh berries like raspberry, blueberry and blackberry combined with mint leaves deliver an eye-catching and tasty combination. A warmed berry compote along with a couple of scoops of quality vanilla ice cream also compliment the roulade perfectly.

How to pair lemon roulade with a drink

Can’t get enough of the lemony flavour? Add a bitter lemonade to the mix and go wild. Alternatively, why not try a ginger juice or root juice to create contrast to the roulade?

Tasty. Yummy. Good!

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