7 soups for Ramadan you can make in under 1 hour

Delicious home-cooked meals do not necessarily take a long time to prepare, especially not when it comes to soups! This makes them great for Ramadan as they allow you to spend less time cooking and more time focusing on the important things: spending time with your family. Read on to learn more about some delicious and easy soups for Ramadan we suggest you explore during this special time of year.

Fuss-free, quick and easy Ramadan soups

Soups are great for Ramadan because they make for a light meal. This also means Ramadan soups are great for breaking fast at Iftar because they do not overwhelm you or your loved ones after a long day of having nothing in your stomachs. You can pace yourself, savoring each spoonful slowly and indulging in the delicious warmth of these soups after a long day of fasting. These comforting and fortifying dishes will warm your stomach, preparing you and your family for the other delicious Iftar dishes to come.

Fortunately, our Ramadan soups are incredibly easy to make as they do not need to boil for hours on end to bring forth the incredible flavors of the chopped ingredients. All our easy Ramadan soup recipes can be made in under 1 hour and since many feature pre-made sauces or dairy products like cooking cream and cheese, you do not need to worry about taking the time to thicken them. This leaves you more time to enjoy the meal alongside your family as you all break your fast with a comforting, warm bowl of soup.

Since our recipes are simple and easy to follow, you can get younger family members, or those who do not have much cooking experience, to help in some of the safe and simple preparation steps. This way, you can spend precious time together as a family during Ramadan in and outside of the kitchen. Involving everyone in the process of making an easy Ramadan soup allows you to share your cooking knowledge and makes it easier for everyone to truly appreciate these home-cooked meals.

1. Lentil Soup with Puck Cooking Cream

Moms are usually the ones upholding Ramadan traditions and making new family customs in the kitchen. Traditionally, soups with lentils are always served during Ramadan. Though it may sometimes be the case, traditional does not have to mean difficult or time-consuming for today’s moms. With our simple recipe for Lentil Soup with Puck Cooking Cream, you get a deliciously smooth, easy Ramadan soup with puréed vegetables and lentils and rich Puck Cooking Cream.

Served with fried flatbread on the side, the potato, carrot, and bell pepper make for a wonderful Iftar dish with subtle flavors that are sweet, earthy, and toasty all at the same time. As such, this easy Ramadan soup is a definite must-try! Have your kids hand you ingredients to add to the pot as you cook and share the secrets of this classic dish with the next generation.

2. Tomato vegetable soup

This incredibly quick Ramadan soup is made with the flavorful, ready to use Puck Tomato Sauce with Cream, packed with rich and tangy tomato flavor. As such, our Tomato Vegetable Soup can be prepared with minimal effort, so you can spend more time and energy making joyous family memories with your loved ones.

The smooth, thick, and easy Ramadan soup, which is made with leeks, celery, pumpkin, and potato, has sweet and savory flavors. It makes for a lovely dish that can easily be varied by using different spices to appeal specifically to the taste of friends, family, and loved ones. Show everyone your cooking creativity and balance the flavors in your own way, because you make it special.

3. Creamy Chicken Soup

Make your Ramadan table even more comforting in your own special way. Try our Creamy Chicken Soup, a dish that seamlessly blends tradition with the rich touch of Puck Cooking Cream. As families gather to break their fast, this soup offers a cozy start, with tender chicken and a flavorful broth enhanced by onions and celery.

Enriched with the natural creaminess of Cooking Cream for that perfect consistency, this dish has loads of deep umami flavors that come together to create an incredibly comforting dish that is perfect for Iftar. This soup not only warms the heart but shows the versatility and richness of Puck Cooking Cream in creating memorable Ramadan moments.

4. Creamy Mushroom Soup

Another great quick Iftar soup with plenty of umami flavor is our Creamy Mushroom Soup made using Puck Béchamel Sauce with Cheese as the base. Don’t stress out trying to create your own fussy Béchamel soup base. The pre-made sauce gives our easy Ramadan soup with mushrooms a wonderful, cheesy richness with hints of butter and nutmeg, making it wonderfully quick and easy to cook.

Leeks and garlic give it great depth and since it may be made with your favorite type of mushrooms, you can easily play around with changing the flavor profile of this easy Ramadan soup in subtle ways. Feel free to share your secret twist on this recipe with your kids and inspire the next generation of family cooks. No matter how you customize this dish, you make it special.

5. Cream of Broccoli Soup

With Puck Cooking Cream and Puck Squeeze Cheese, making this Cream of Broccoli Soup delightfully creamy is incredibly simple. If you are looking to involve your kids in preparing a delicious dish, you’ve found the perfect one! This easy Ramadan soup has a vibrant green color and an earthy yet fresh flavor. Not only is it easy to make, but savoring this soup at Iftar effortlessly brings the family together, celebrating simplicity and taste.

Onion and chicken broth add depth and saltiness, while the melty cheese gives this easy Ramadan soup a wonderfully thick texture and richness without you having to spend time thickening it. This simple yet incredibly wholesome dish is perfect for involving the teens and young kids in the preparation. Have the older children chop the veggies, while you help the little ones measure squeeze cheese and spices to have ready when you are doing the cooking. Whether or not their involved in the cooking process, everyone will love this classic soup combination.

6. Creamy Seafood Chowder

Savor the spirit of Ramadan with our Creamy Seafood Chowder, a comforting dish that combines the richness of Puck Bechamel Sauce with Cheese and delicious seafood. This dish is a great way to express warmth and love while celebrating the Holy Month. This simple, 30-minute recipe is perfect for Iftar, offering a heartwarming blend of tender seafood within a creamy broth. Prepared with a harmonious mix of vegetables and elevated with the smooth texture of Béchamel, it’s a nourishing addition to your Ramadan meals.

Served with a sprinkle of fresh parsley and a hint of lemon, each bowl is a celebration of togetherness and the joy of sharing. Embrace this creamy delight as a heartwarming start to your evening, celebrating moments of togetherness during Iftar.

7. Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Cream Soup

Infuse your Ramadan evenings with the vibrant flavors of our Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Cream Soup, a dish that effortlessly combines the creamy taste of Puck Tomato Sauce with Cream and the richness of roasted red peppers. This 45-minute recipe is a testament to simplicity and flavor, offering a hassle-free way to enjoy a rich soup with minimal effort. With this, you can spend less time on complicated soups and more time enjoying the simple joys of life with family during Ramadan.

The soup is a balanced blend of finely chopped onions and garlic, softened and then enhanced with the sweet smokiness of roasted red peppers. The addition of Puck Tomato Sauce with Cream infuses the soup with a creamy tomato base, creating a velvety texture that's both comforting and indulgent. Finished with a dollop of Puck Thick Cream, each bowl is a celebration of taste and tradition, perfect for warming the heart at Iftar. This soup adds a touch of warmth to any Iftar, making family time even more special.

Delicious quick recipes for a tasty Iftar

Whether you are cooking solo or making it a family event, quick and tasty Ramadan soups are a great addition to your Ramadan recipe list, especially when you consider that soups can be cooked in large batches, enjoyed at Iftar, and frozen if you have any leftovers.

If you prefer to enjoy an easy Ramadan soup during Iftar, you might like to pair it with a delicious Ramadan salad. You can easily prepare these salads at the same time as your soups as these often need to simmer for some time. Prepping both at the same time is a great opportunity to involve your spouse and your kids in some of the simpler steps like measuring ingredients, mixing soups, or assembling salads. This will allow everyone to feel like a crucial part of the process while you share cooking knowledge and make family memories together.

As Ramadan soups in small quantities make for a great start to your meal, you might also like to see our top 7 easy to prepare Iftar dishes to get inspired for what other lovely dishes to decorate your Iftar table with. Whether you are in the mood for traditional Middle Eastern dishes or want to experiment with different cuisines, we have something for you. No matter what you decide to serve to your family and guests, you’ll be the one making it special.