The Justice League and Puck are back with amazing, new prizes!

Team up with the superheroes to win a getaway at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Enjoy flights and a complimentary night’s stay at one of the island’s finest hotels and discover the meaning of fun with tickets to its famous theme parks. Play now for a chance to win in the lucky draw!

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Bite Box

Welcome to the world of Bite Box, an exhilarating and adventure-filled game where you can win spectacular prizes. Soar through the skies, collect points and fuel up to complete your quest. Dodge candy monsters and don’t forget to grab the superhero icons to earn extra points.

How to Play:

Start your Bite Box journey! You must collect at least 50 points to be eligible for the lucky draw.
Collect Puck Cheese to fuel your adventure and keep your energy levels high.
Gather sandwiches, fruits and veggies to earn points.
Watch out for candy monsters and dodge them to avoid losing the game.
Grab the superhero icons to gain immunity and collect bonus points.
Winners Announcement

Winners Announcement

Congratulations! The winners are:

1. Nadine zaki al meselmani
2. Kawther moh
3. Omar Islam Elnahas
4. Ruqaiya ali alrahbi
5. Nawaf Alsuneed
6. Ahmed Mohammed
7. Hala abdullah
8. Ghassan Abd Alrhman Aldandal
9. Naveen Khan

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There’s no better way to start your family’s day than with a super breakfast alongside their favorite superheroes.

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Looking for some power-packed recipe inspiration?

Looking for some power-packed recipe inspiration?

Explore our extensive variety of delicious lunchbox recipes for your budding little superheroes. These meals are packed with exquisite flavor and will give your children the energy and superpowers they need to pursue their daily school adventures.

Turn your lunchbox prep into an opportunity to express your love for your little heroes!