Leftover makeover

No one likes to eat the exact same meal multiple times in a row. If you put your thinking cap on, you can turn those leftovers from a burden into a delicious opportunity.

In this two-part series, we will tackle some of the problematic leftovers (what can I do with leftover chicken? – my kids won't even touch it let alone eat it!). We hear you and we are here to help!


While most people complain about leftover chicken, we love it to the point that we actually batch cook it in our meal prep and use it throughout the week! Why? Simply because this mild-mannered meat is so easy to repurpose into an entirely different meal. All it takes is a little inspiration.

  • Salad: Leftover chicken is a wonderful addition to your leafy green salad. Not only does it add protein and great nutritional value (enough to turn a salad from a side dish to a main meal), the presence of the salad dressing and all the textures and flavors is a great place to hide the fact that this is actually the same leftover chicken that no one would eat 10 minutes ago.
  • Sandwiches: Do you want to know our secret to transform leftover chicken into an irresistible sandwich? It's Puck Mozzarella cheese. And lot's of it.
  • Chicken pot pie: If it is the main meal that you're after, try using your leftover chicken in a pot pie. All you need is: leftover chicken, your favorite vegetables, Puck cooking cream, Puff pastry and 30 minutes.
  • Pizza: Slice up your leftover chicken or cut in into cubes and use it as a topping for your homemade pizza. This is a great, quick and easy option for suhoor.
  • Soup: A great place to use up leftover chicken is in soups, add your favorite vegetables, chopped chicken and Puck cooking cream, and your hug-in-a-bowl is on its way!
  • Fried rice: When you don't have enough leftover chicken to make a meal on its own, try making fried rice (bonus points if you also use leftover rice).
  • Mac and cheese: Puck four cheese sauce + pasta + leftover chicken = the ultimate mac and cheese. A simple equation that takes less than 15 minutes to solve. Dinner is served. 


You go shopping, fill your cart with fresh and colorful veggies and feel good about yourself at the supermarket check out. Then you get home, stash them in the fridge and forget about them until they meet their sad and slimy end in your vegetable drawer (we are looking at you, leafy greens!).

Does this scenario sound familiar? well, it is time to change it. Here are eight ways to use your vegetables and save them from that slimy end:

  • Frittata: Frittata is great for suhoor! Just saute your favorite vegetables and add eggs, Puck cooking cream for that velvety smooth texture and rich flavor, and top with Puck mozzarella. A nutrient-packed Suhoor is now on its way!
  • Sauce: Try putting some leftover cooked vegetables into a blender to make a paste, and then use that paste with Puck cooking cream to make your signature pasta sauces, hummus (roasted red pepper hummus anyone?) or spreads for sandwiches!
  • Pasta: Pasta is a quick and easy option to use up leftover vegetables. Cook the pasta, use your favorite Puck sauce and your leftover vegetables will blend right in.
  • Stock: Vegetable stock is a great way to use up leftover vegetables and even vegetable peel and scraps. Simply add enough water to submerge the vegetables, add your favorite seasonings and cook low and slow (just remember to check the water level every now and then).
  • Soup: Soup is our go-to when we have some leftover veggies that we need to use up. With a bit of broth, sautéed onion, Puck cooking cream and seasonings to finish it off, you can make a limitless number of tasty soups from an assortment of leftover vegetables. 
  • Stir fry:  Get your leftover vegetables, some rice (or noodles if you prefer that), soy sauce, garlic, oil, and maybe a little ginger, and have at it. Throw them in a pan, get them all heated nicely, and enjoy! If your veggies are already cooked, remember to add them towards the end of the cooking time so they don’t get overdone.
  • Smoothies: This one is ultra sneaky and you may want to do it when no one is looking – but we assure you it works! All sorts of vegetables are great in smoothies and can blend right in. Raw salad greens, avocado, and even cooked vegetables like carrots, winter squash, beets, and more can be added, and no one will be the wiser. Puck tip: Be sure to add enough sweet fruit like berries and bananas so that it doesn’t end up tasting like a veggie smoothie.
  • Pickles Turning your vegetables into pickles is a great way to extend their life. All you need is salt, water, vinegar and 15 minutes.

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