Join forces with the Justice League and win!

You now have the chance to win even more astounding prizes by playing our TikTok game. Participate in the Back to School competition brought to you Puck now!


Week (Sep 12 - Sep 18)

TikTok -


Memory game -

Marwa Alnouri
عمر كريز
Fahad Khan
Mohamed Zain
مؤيد الشمري

Week (Sep 19 - Sep 25)

TikTok -


Memory game -

Azmi Ali
حسبن صباحي
Layan Bahamdan
ابتسام صالح الجاسر
هاشم المشقاب
Amira Adi

Stay tuned for the grand prize winners!

For TikTok, you will be contacted by Puck Arabia via TikTok if you are one of the lucky winners.

For the memory game, you will be contacted via email if you are one of the lucky winners.

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