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Stuffed Eggplant with Puck Tomato Sauce
Easy, delicious and fast, enjoy this Stuffed Eggplant recipe with Puck Tomato Sauce with Cream.
Pasta with Puck Tomato Sauce
Easy and delicious recipe with Puck Tomato Sauce with cream.
Beef and Cheese Kofta
Kofta can be cooked on a grill plate or barbeque. They are great served with flatbread, salad and hummus.
Creamy Rosemary Mushroom Chicken Thighs
Seasoned, delicious flavored mushroom chicken thighs.
Spinach and Zucchini Lasagne with Bechamel Sauce
Spinach, zucchini and Puck Bechamel Sauce with Cheese – a delicious combination! Put it in a lasagne and prepare yourself for a delicious meal.
Spicy Mozzarella Bites
These crispy crumb-coated mozzarella sticks have the extra kick of green chillies.
Basbousa with Puck All-purpose Cream
Creamy, crunchy and easy to make basbousa with Puck All-purpose cream.
Mini Fruit Tartlets
These fruit tartlets make for a refreshing and creamy breakfast, appetizer or even dessert.

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