Yogurt ice cream with cardamom and almonds

15 min.
Indian ice cream made with yogurt and flavoured with cardamom and toasted almonds. An unbelievably delicious yogurt ice cream that will seduce your taste buds! Don't forget to get the ice cream out in time.


4 portions


How do you freeze yogurt without it getting icy?

Adding a sweetener to the mixture will slow down the formation of ice crystals. In our recipe, we use honey but feel free to experiment with others like sugar, corn syrup or even agave. Make sure that the ingredient is mixed in well to achieve an even and smooth-as-silk texture in every bite. Another good idea is to stir the mixture every now and again during the freezing process. This trick will prevent large, and too many, ice crystals from forming.

How do you keep frozen yogurt from getting hard?

This again comes down to how much sweetener you have added to the mixture. The more sweetener you add, the softer your frozen yogurt will be. Experiment with the type of sweetener and quantities (in our recipe we use 50 ml of honey) until you have achieved your perfect consistency.

Can I make yogurt ice cream lactose-free?

Simply replace dairy components with equal amounts of a lactose-free yogurt. Available at most retailers, experiment with anything from coconut cream, soy, almond, or oat-based options until you have found the perfect one.

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A lighter alternative to ice cream

Lower in fat, packed with probiotics, higher in calcium and adding an extra dose of protein to your day, you have every excuse to add this dessert to any menu. Because this recipe uses honey, you’re also getting an extra dose of antioxidants, amino acids, and a wide range of other vitamins and minerals.

Ideas for decorating and presenting your yogurt ice cream

The cardamom notes of this dessert will pair especially well with sweet fruits like plums, apples, and apricots. Either create a compote or dice the fresh fruits into bite-sized pieces for a beautifully bright contrast to the white dessert. Whipping up a quick batch of cardamom and citrus shortbread biscuits and creating dainty ice cream sandwiches will not only look fantastic at your next dinner party, it will also add an extra crunch and flavour profile to an already impressive dessert.

Wash it down with coffee

A strong coffee or espresso will make this recipe’s cardamom flavour stand out even more. The combination is so popular, in fact, that a crushed cardamom pod is often brewed with coffee beans in the Middle East to create an aromatic and perfectly balanced twist on the average cup of joe. Give it a try!

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