• Burnt Rice Reborn

    Chef Khawla shows us how to save a pan of burnt rice and use it to create a delicious new dish with Puck Cooking Cream

  • Chicken Potato Balls

    What do you do with your leftover chicken and boiled potatoes? Chef Wed has the answer with this delicious dish featuring a range of Puck products.

  • Othmalia or Konafa?

    Chefs Khawla and Wed can’t agree on the name – but they agree on the simple steps to create a delicious dessert for family and guests.

  • Puck Jar Storage

    Chef Wed guides you through her favorite tips and tricks for storing your prepared ingredients in Empty Puck jars.

  • Mama’s Ma3soub

    Chef Wed wants to turn leftover bread and croissants into a delicious creamy dessert – but first she needs to call Mom for the recipe.

  • Sambouseks and Mini Pizzas

    Chefs Khawla and Wed each show us the simple tricks to create and store their favorite Iftar snacks, with easy-to-use Cubed Feta and Mozzarella.

  • Giving Life with Cheese

    Chefs Khawla and Wed bring yesterday’s leftovers back to life with two kinds of Puck cheese and a little inspiration.

  • Rescued Rice Pudding

    Chefs Khawla and Wed turn a savory dish into a sweet treat, with leftover rice and a few tasty ingredients including Puck Cream. Yum!