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Burnt Rice Reborn
Chef Khawla shows us how to save a pan of burnt rice and use it to create a delicious new dish with Puck Cooking Cream
Chicken Potato Balls
What do you do with your leftover chicken and boiled potatoes? Chef Wed has the answer with this delicious dish featuring a range of Puck products.
Othmalia or Konafa?
Chefs Khawla and Wed can’t agree on the name – but they agree on the simple steps to create a delicious dessert for family and guests.
Puck Jar Storage
Chef Wed guides you through her favorite tips and tricks for storing your prepared ingredients in Empty Puck jars.
Mama’s Ma3soub
Chef Wed wants to turn leftover bread and croissants into a delicious creamy dessert – but first she needs to call Mom for the recipe.
Sambouseks and Mini
Chefs Khawla and Wed each show us the simple tricks to create and store their favorite Iftar snacks, with easy-to-use Cubed Feta and Mozzarella.
Giving Life with Cheese
Chefs Khawla and Wed bring yesterday’s leftovers back to life with two kinds of Puck cheese and a little inspiration.
Rescued Rice Pudding
Chefs Khawla and Wed turn a savory dish into a sweet treat, with leftover rice and a few tasty ingredients including Puck Cream. Yum!


Basbousa with Cream
A creamy and easy to make basbousa
Tiramisu Cake with Puck Thick Cream
Yummy dessert to be shared during Ramadan
Spinach and Zucchini Lasagne with Bechamel Sauce
This spinach and Zucchini recipe is better with PUCK Bechamel Sauce with Cheese. Try it now!
Shrimp Fettuccine
A delicious recipe using Puck Cooking Cream, prepared by Top Chef’s Anas Tabbara
Vegetable Pizza with Puck Shredded Mozzarella
Delicious cheese stuffed crust pizza with Puck Shredded Mozarella
Mediterranean Chicken
The addition of sundried tomatoes and olives give this dish a Mediterranean flavour.
Qatayef with Puck Cream
Qatayef is an all-time Ramadan sweet. PUCK All-purpose Cream will give it a specially good taste
Samoon bread with cream cheese, kofta meatballs, fresh salad leaves, pickled cucumbers and pine nuts
Delicious recipe to be done in a matter of minutes.
Rolls with cream cheese, yoghurt marinated chicken and fresh vegetables
Easy to make and delicious, this recipe get even better when served with potato wedges