Mug cake

45 min.
Call it a mug cake or call it a cookie in a mug – either way it sounds simple because it is, and it tastes incredible. Divide your cookie dough into mugs, small bowls or ramekins, then bake them in the oven until they’re crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. The newly baked cookies can be served with chilled, whipped cream.


6 portions

Cookie dough

To serve


Can you microwave cookie dough in a mug?

Don’t have the time to wait 45 minutes for the cookies to bake in the over? Individual portions can be cooked in a microwave on a high heat for 45 seconds – the texture won’t be the same as it would after coming out of an oven, but the taste is definitely still satisfying.

Do cookies harden when they cool?

The cookies will continue to bake once they are removed from the oven, and how you let them cool can impact their texture. A rack will result in the crunchiest cookies, while a wood tray will make them chewier. It’s a question of taste!

Is it OK to leave cookies out overnight?

While you can leave your cookies overnight without any risks, they will likely dry out and create a disappointing result. Covering the top of the dish with tight plastic wrap will help avoid the problem.

How do I know my cookies are done?

Pay attention to the edges of the cookie – if they’re brown and set, with a contrast to the golden colour of the centre, then the cookies should be good to go.

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Cookies are a universal favourite and this recipe is incredibly easy to prepare, taking just minutes to pull together and less than an hour in the oven. The individual portions make it easy to calculate exactly how many you will need to make too.

Mug cake – the perfect treat for any party

Freshly baked cookies in a mug are an ideal snack when you have visitors over to celebrate. Simply prepare the dough in advance then put them in the oven ahead of the guests arriving, ensuring they can be served warm to the delight of your friends! Add the chilled cream, crème fraîche or custard and enjoy.

Experiment with different types of chocolate

Darker chocolates with a reasonably high cacao content will deliver the strongest, deepest flavour for your cookie in a mug. You can even add some cacao powder to the mix for a double chocolate chip result. White chocolate chips are lighter and sweeter, while combining different varieties can also produce satisfying flavour combinations.

Play around with different spices

Adding a small amount of coffee to the mix will enhance the chocolate flavour, or alternatively, mix in a small amount of vanilla to boost the taste. Ground cinnamon, cardamon, nutmeg or ginger are proven ways to accent the taste of the cookies, but why not even sprinkle some salt on top?

Tasty. Yummy. Good!

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