Chicken tacos

1 hour
Looking for the perfect fun Friday night meal? Look no further. These tacos are built on chicken marinated in lime to deliver a zingy, spicy flavour that will soon become a family favourite.


4 portions

Chicken taco mix

To serve


How do you bulk up chicken tacos?

Still not satisfied with how filling your tacos are? You can bulk them up even more by adding traditional Mexican refried beans – frijoles – which can be bought ready-made in a can. Black beans marinated in chili and lime is another alternative that delivers extra protein.

Should tacos be soft or crunchy?

Traditional tacos are made with soft, maiz (corn) tortillas, but the Tex-Mex variety is commonly eaten with both hard shell, corn-based tortillas or softer, wheat wraps. Adapt according to taste – the choice is yours!

Does taco seasoning taste good on chicken?

This recipe uses lime to flavour the chicken, but a wide range of ready-made taco seasoning mixes are also available and work well. You can even make your own taco seasoning in next to no time by combining paprika, oregano, chili, garlic powder and onion powder, plus salt and pepper to taste.

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A cluckin’ classic

This take on tacos is of the Tex-Mex variety, a spin-off from Mexican cuisine with origins in the Rio Grande Valley. The region is responsible for culinary exports that in many cases have become more well-known than traditional Mexican dishes, such as hard shell tacos along with other favourites like fajitas, chili con carne and nachos.

The perfect interactive family meal

Serving each of the parts of the taco filling individually in bowls allows the whole family to get creative and make their own custom taco according to taste. Carefully placing the sizzling hot pan with the still-frying chicken on the table also creates a dramatic, satisfying effect. As always with hot food.

Alternative seasoning ideas

This versatile take on tacos can be adapted in a wide range of ways. Pickled jalapeños are the ideal way to add some spice, while chopped coriander creates a floral touch (for those who don’t have the unusual genetic variant that makes coriander taste unusual). To strike a perfect balance between spicy heat and depth of flavour, add some shredded chili to the marinade, then serve with homemade guacamole so guests can balance according to their preferences.

Lots of leftovers?

If you find there’s a lot of leftover filling after serving your tacos, one simple way to get more use out of the ingredients is to a fill a burrito, add some hot sauce of your choice then wrap tightly and refrigerate so it can be enjoyed for a lunch on the move in the next couple of days.

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