Salad prep Jars

Layer your favorite fresh ingredients in a jar for a quick, scrumptious salad that will add a boost of energy to your busy day. Meal-prep a refreshing salad by following these simple steps.

Materials: Puck Cream Cheese Jar - Granola - Tomatoes, chopped - Purple Lettuce, chopped - Canned Chickpeas - Carrot, grated - Green Lettuce, chopped - Silver Spray - Jute Thread - Wooden Fork - Wooden Knife.

Step 1: Clean an empty Puck jar & lid thoroughly with soap & water, then dry it & spray paint the lid with silver color.

salad 1.jpg
Step 2: Add granola as the base.

salad 2.jpg
Step 3: Add chopped tomatoes on top of the granola.

salad 3.jpg
Step 4: Add purple chopped lettuce over the tomatoes.

salad 4.jpg
Step 5: Add canned chickpeas.

salad 5.jpg
Step 6: Add grated carrot.

salad 6.jpg
Step 7: Add green chopped lettuce.

salad 7.jpg
Step 8: Close the silver-colored lid.

salad 8.jpg
Step 9: Take a jute thread and tie a wooden fork and knife around the jar to hold them.

salad 9.jpg

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