Kitchen containers

When your creativity and artistic flair come together in the kitchen, you get a chic silverware holder that adds a charming touch to mealtimes and family gatherings. Design a personalized organizer for kitchen utensils with the following steps.

Materials: Puck Cream Cheese Jar - Translucent Spray - Masking Tape - Yellow Spray.

Step 1: Clean an empty Puck jar thoroughly with soap & water, then dry it.

cutlery 1.jpg
Step 2: Use translucent spray paint to cover the entire outer surface of the jar.

cutlery 2.jpg
Step 3: Use masking tape to cover the top surface of the jar.

Cutlery 3.jpg
Step 4: Apply yellow spray paint (or your favorite color) below the marked area on the jar.

Cutlery 4.jpg
Step 5: Remove the masking tape after the paint dries.

Cutlery 5.jpg
Step 6: Place your cutlery inside the jar as a holder.

Cutlery 6.jpg

The stories you can write with your Puck jar are limitless!

Explore our ideas and design your own original creation with Puck. Grab a jar and start creating!