How to get sufficient vitamin D for your body? 5 meals high in vitamin D.

Tiredness, fatigue, joint pain, and osteoporosis are symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. That’s why you should get the daily recommended amount to guarantee better health for you and your family. You can easily do that by preparing meals rich in vitamin D.

The Importance of Vitamin D

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Your family needs vitamin D, but do they get it sufficiently?

Vitamin D impacts body vitality because it strengthens the bones, boosts the immune system, resists the active cancer cells, regulates insulin and blood pressure, and significantly improves children’s health. Scientific research proves that it helps in improving mental health and elevating mood.

Our bodies naturally produce vitamin D when exposed to the sun; yet, some reasons hinder getting sufficient Vitamin D, such as getting exposed to sunlight for a short duration to avoid its harmful Ultraviolet rays and blaze.

No need to worry …

Prepare various breakfast meals rich in Vitamin D that satisfy your family’s preferences with deliciousness and different ingredients. Discover 5 vitamin D-rich meals for you and your little ones.

Vitamin D-rich recipes

1- Shakshuka with Cream Cheese Spread and Baguette

 Arab cuisine’s oriental Shakshuka dish is known for being highly rich in Vitamin D as it contains eggs and cheese. Try out this tasty dish for your next breakfast!

2- Sumoon Bread Filled with Cream Cheese Spread and Eggs

Sumoon bread is available in every home. You can quickly fill it with egg and Puck cream cheese spread to prepare this mouthwatering breakfast, inspired by Georgian Khachapuri. Enjoy its delicious taste while enriching your body with vitamin D.

3- Fresh Herb Omelette with Tomato Slices and Cream Spread Cheese

Ejjeh omelette is people’s favorite breakfast because of its rich and spiced taste. Eggs and Puck cream spread cheese enrich this irresistible meal with Vitamin D.

4- Cream Cheese Bagel

Salmon is highly rich in Vitamin D. Prepare a tasty breakfast with double the Vitamin D by spreading Puck cream cheese above the salmon on the bagel bread.

5- Paratha with Puck Cream Cheese Spread and Omelette

Prepare your taste buds for a delicious breakfast, rich in vitamin D, consisting of Paratha Indian bread and Puck cream cheese. You can add your own touch with different spices and vegetables to make it yummier.

Brilliant Vitamin D enriched breakfast ideas for kids

Not only can you make delicious recipes with Puck cream cheese spread with  Vitamin D and made of 100% milk, but also you can add it to your little one’s lunchbox to enrich their breakfast with Vitamin D and nutrients. Whether your little ones eat their breakfast at school or home, they will enjoy its creamy texture.