Houseplants are a gift of nature: their greenery brightens dim corners and watching them grow offers hope day by day. Follow these steps to design your own planter and fill your home with joy.

Materials: Puck Cream Cheese Jar - Sand - White Stone Granules - Black Pebbles - Plant - White Pebbles - Jute Thread.

Step 1: Clean an empty Puck jar thoroughly with soap & water, then dry it.

Step 2: Add sand.

Step 3: On top of it, add tiny white stone granules.

Step 4: Add black pebbles and flatten them.

Step 5: Add the plant/succulent.

Step 6: Add white pebbles to fill up the gaps.

Step 7: Tie a jute thread around the neck of the jar and create a bow to make it look extra special.


The stories you can write with your Puck jar are limitless!

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