Candle Holder

A candle's elegant flame casts artistic shadows on the walls, flavors the air with fragrance and creates an ambience of warmth. To craft your own candle holder, follow these easy steps.

Materials: Puck Cream Cheese Jar - Translucent or White Spray - Jute Thread - Tealight Candle - Painting Tools.

Step 1: Clean an empty Puck jar thoroughly with soap & water, then dry it.

Candle 1.jpg
Step 2: Use white or translucent spray to cover the entire outer surface of the jar.

Candle 2.jpg
Step 3: Get creative by painting your favorite design on the jar.

Candle 3.jpg
Step 4: Tie a jute thread around the neck of the jar and create a bow to make it look extra special.

Candle 4.jpg
Step 5: Insert a tealight candle inside the jar and light it up.

Candle 5.jpg

The stories you can write with your Puck jar are limitless!

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