From the Puck jar to the heart

As part of our efforts to support women, the Selfless Shelves Initiative was born. Meet five women who are considered symbols of inspiration, as each one of them has a story full of difficulties and challenges, where every woman took her first step towards her own project that would provide her with a decent life.

Today, Puck is helping to support each of these women, through the Puck cheese jar project. Join us on this inspiring journey where stories intertwine to create a world of creativity.
Stories from the heart

Stories from the heart

Discover how five Lebanese women affected by difficult socio-economic challenges, used their passion for cooking to overcome problems and provide for their families.

Today, each one of them shares her unique story with us. Find out how they created new opportunities for themselves and the ones they love.

Five women, one passion

Every project supported by Puck is created to empower women who face the challenges of work, dedication, sacrifice and the pursuit of success, every day. Discover the inspiring stories of the women we partnered with for the Selfless Shelves Initiative, below.

Homemade recipes, from the heart

Puck’s proud to support the women of our Selfless Shelves project and share their inspiring stories.
Rima's Tangy Makdous Eggplant: Rima stopped teaching, to empower students by selling her delicious makdous.
Fadwa's Tasty Citrus Sumac: Fadwa ensures her family are cared for, with her bright and zesty sumac.
Najla's Aromatic Zaatar: Najla’s mouth-watering zaatar is made with homegrown, all-natural ingredients.
Marlene's Sweet Pumpkin Jam: Marlene has perfected her amazing sweet pumpkin jam throughout her childhood.
Samira's Bitter Orange Peels: Samira changed careers to support her loved ones, by making tasty orange peels.

Open more possibilities

Puck jars are not just containers. They are stories of strength and creativity that you can write yourself. Now it's your time to give your jars a new life, by using your imagination to redefine their purpose in your home. Discover more ways to reuse your Puck jar and join the thousands of people who are putting their jars to new uses, today.
Discover ways to reuse Puck jars!