Puck Creamy Spreads FAQs

1. What is Puck Creamy Spread made of? What are the ingredients of Puck Creamy Spread?

Puck Creamy Spread is made with natural and pure milk with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. It is free from palm oil, artificial flavors, nuts and contains 30% less sugar compared to other similar sweet spreads.

2. Is Puck Creamy Spread considered cheese? Does it consist of cheese?

No, Puck Creamy Spread is not cheese. Puck is offering consumers a sweet creamy spread, rich in milk, protein and calcium, and available in 3 flavors, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. It contains 30% less sugar compared to similar sweet spreads.

3. Why is Puck introducing a new non-cheese product range?

Puck has always been your ally in the kitchen. We strive to ease your life and delight your family. That's why Puck introduced Creamy Spreads, providing you with a healthier product in the sweet spreads category with 3 delicious flavors that will satisfy you and your family.

4. Is Puck Creamy Spread healthier than other similar products?

Puck Creamy Spreads have 30% less sugar compared to other sweet spreads. It is made from milk and is free from nuts, palm oil and artificial flavor.

5. How should I store Puck Creamy Spread after opening?

Puck Creamy Spread is made with milk. After opening, it should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within two weeks.

6. What is the shelf life of Puck Creamy Spread?

You can store Puck Creamy Spread for 9 months from the date of manufacture if unopened and stored at 17-25 °C. After opening it needs to be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within two weeks.

7. How is Puck Creamy Spread used?

Have it the way you like, and at any time! We suggest you try it with bread, toast, croissants, waffles, or any type of baked goods, as a sweet breakfast or as a snack.

8. What other ingredients can I add to Puck Creamy Spread? Can other foods be added to Puck Creamy Spread?

Of course! You can have it with your favorite fruits such as strawberries, bananas, cranberries, blueberries and apples.

9. Can I use Puck Creamy Spread in stuffing and baking?

It is not advisable to expose Puck Creamy Spreads to high temperatures. But you can spread it on your baked goods as a topping or use it as a dip.

10. Does Puck Creamy Spread contain palm oil/hydrogenated oil?

No, Puck Creamy Spreads are completely free of palm oil or any hydrogenated oils. It is made with 100% pure milk and free of nuts and artificial flavors.